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The Story

Nutty's Emporium stemmed from a quirky name for a little nutcracker soldier that Lee, the owner, had when he was a boy.


When Lee grew up he worked within the retail and customer services industry, specialising in furniture, jewellery and watches eventually selling jewellery and watches onboard cruise ships where he got to travel the world.


He eventually decided to settle down in his hometown of Chesterfield, Derbyshire and open up his own retail business. The inspiration was to sell products related to his travels as well as incorporating his love for Christmas and traditional handmade quirky products. This is when he decided to bring Nutty's Emporium to life.

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Russian dolls

The Mission

Lee's idea was to specialise in providing an alternative to the main stream household decorations and gifts. Whilst on his travels Lee saw many interesting and unique products that were traditionally handmade and hand decorated, perfect for Nutty's Emporium. Lee still tries to travel the world, when time and restrictions allow, looking for fascinating new items to add to Nutty's Emporium. 


The initial inspiration came from Russia where he spent many happy times and is the home of many unique and interesting handmade crafts.

The Vision

The vision is to create a wonderful emporium filled with gifts and home wares from around the world. Things that you don't normally find on the high street and that are traditional, handmade and interesting.

Watch this space!!

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